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Research & Education

Research on the Smart Community Design for Rural Village

Case Study of Kada, Wakayama City

Research on the Robot Community Where Robots and Human Beings Share the Same Sphere

Case Study of the Smart Hotel in Sasebo City

Application of Shipbuilding Technology for The Unity of Structure and Radiation Heating and Cooling System 


Development and the Construction of Materials with Two Feels of Texture that Appried Local Japanese Paper and Spraying Technology

Urban Design Studio

This studio is the joint exercise program in graduate school with 4 Universities. With many researchers and practitioners invited as instructors, students propose the future vision of Kashiwa-no-ha area through open discussion with local governments, companies and residents.

Process of Community Design for Rural Village

Case Study of Miyakoji, Tamura City,Fukushima Pref.

Research on the applicability of "mobile spatial statistics" for enhanced urban planning

Case Study of Kashiwano-ha, Kashiwa City,Chiba Pref.


Future Design for Yokohama Inner Harbor Area 2059

Multilayered Ring City YOKOHAMA

A Study on "Semitransparent Space

Case Study of YAMI's dwelling,Taiwan

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